Restore the Network Connection with Drivers Restoring Feature

We assume it is true you have downloaded all key drivers to the folder after installing Snaildriver 2 Lite. If not, please do it first, this post will tell you what the key drivers backup  is? What situation we will use the feature for? Snaildriver 2 Lite will install the suitable driver automatically when your computer has no any driver for the network device. How does it work? Snaildriver 2...

Back Up the Key Drivers Feature

The page show you that what the key drivers are and how to use the back up key drivers feature.

Upload the Log File with One Click

There is no doubt, Snail driver needs your help, that is absolutely exact. As a matter of fact, Snail driver is only a tool helping you install drivers into your computer which have been released by many manufacturers, in a word, it’s a driver database tool. If your computer came across a problem after installing a driver with Snail driver, please run the feature to send a report to us...


Snaildriver’s Revisions

About AVAST Marks Snaildriver as a Malware

Hello, everyone Some guys gave us a feedback for a malware alarm called FileRepMalware when running Snaildriver on a computer that AVAST anti-virus software has been installed and running. Our team test it with AVAST, it’s right, we get the message too. We believe that our software is clean and no viurs, no malware, no adware. So, we submitted Snaildriver to AVAST Virus analyst department....