Hello, everyone

Some guys gave us a feedback for a malware alarm called FileRepMalware when running Snaildriver on a computer that AVAST anti-virus software has been installed and running. Our team test it with AVAST, it’s right, we get the message too.

We believe that our software is clean and no viurs, no malware, no adware. So, we submitted Snaildriver to AVAST Virus analyst department. That is exciting, we have received  the feedback from AVAST Virus analyst, please  view the email screenshot below (we covered the name of AVAST employee for a privacy purpose)

FileRepMalware on Snaildriver


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  1. avira dice virussmartdriverupdater exe ya son mas antivirus que dicen esto

  2. Hi Snailsuite,
    I ran Snaildriver as it’s been OK so far on Beta, but in the last few days, it says there is no Internet connection although I know I am connected to the Internet and can run my browsers for example? I don’t know how to cure this?
    John G

    • Snailjack

      Hi, John G
      An email has been sent to your emailbox.