———————Snaildriver 2.0.0———————–
Released Snaildriver 2.0.1 (04-26-2017)
Fixed a bug that Snaildriver could be crashed by some third software
Released Snaildriver 2.0.0 (03-14-2017)
More information, please view this page: Snaildriver 2 Lite, and you can still download the old version with this url
———————Snaildriver 1.0.3———————–
8.Release 1.0.3 stable Version (09-27-2016)

  1. Set Windows fonts as default fonts of Snaildriver.
  2. Fixed a problem of the act of clicking ‘Scan’ button has been cancelled automatically by Windows itself on some laptops.

7.Release stable Version (08-01-2016)

  1. Upgraded to a new interface
  2. Fixed all of bugs that have been found out (almost)
  3. Optimized software interface elements
  4. More than 350,000 device driver supported

6.Release 0.9.4 Beta(06-16-2016)

  1. Optimized the algorithm of multi-threading for downloading and installing
  2. Fixed an interface errors

5.Release 0.9.3 Beta(05-26-2016)

  1. Repaired 3 fatal errors that could make Snaildriver’s interface crash.
  2. Repaired “Internet 400” error.
  3. Added a new feature of creating “Windows system restore point”, you can cancel the function from the check box in Option.

4.Release 0.9.2 Beta(05-12-2016)

Repaired Update Module that can not uninstall the old version correctly.
3.Release 0.9.1 Beta(05-05-2016)(CLOSE BETA)

  1. Added update-module to Snaildriver
  2. Fixed a bug that the Snaildriver interface could be crashed by some reasons that we have found out.
  3. Fixed “internet error” and “internet time out” by triggering correctly
  4. Fixed loads of errors of matching drivers.
  5. Adjusted the display of interface list.
  6. It’s more small in size,only 8.33MB.

2.Release 0.9 Beta (03-06-2016)
1.Release 0.7 Beta (01-01-2016)


  1. Panda Free Antivirus, marks the file Install32.exe as a “Suspicious file” and quarantines it.

  2. Driver updates fail with error 404

    • Snailjack

      Hi, R Walker
      We have checked over our updating server, we are sure it absolutely works well, “the error 404” you suffered could be an IE error from you PC

    • Same here with 404 error message but only certain drivers, others download fine.

      • Snailjack

        HI, Virginia McGovern
        We have dealt with that 404 error, thank you:)

  3. j.fairclough


  4. misidentifies dc7900 intel e8400 hp as amd chipset
    also mouse pointing device is identified wrong

  5. Kevin Johnson

    Just downloaded the new update, now when checking for update, an error box pops up with “Need Update”

    Uninstalled & re-installed it, rebooted PC, did a registry check ….. Nothing found … HELP !

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