Snaildriver 2 lite is a new version and 100% free drivers updater designed specially for laptop, notebook (smaller and more responsive) which has been installed Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit, 64-bit), you can run it on your PC as well.Comparing with the old version Snaildriver 1.0, it gets many welcome changes, including re-writing all codes for scanning module and driver-matching module.And re-designing the interface and sticking 2 exciting features (back up key drivers and key drivers restoring) to software. For resolving the problem we can’t get any feedback that a drivers causes a functionality  error (blue screen,  function losing etc) if the driver installing is absolutely correct without triggering any crash,  we have designed a driver issues report module.

By the way, the old version will be uninstalled when you install the latest version.

SnailDriver 2 Lite Features

1.100% Free for Lifetime

2.Back up key-drivers online (new)

3.Restore network connection when your computer without any network drivers installed (new)

4.Report module if a driver triggers some problems (new)

5.Scan Your PC for Missing, Broken or Out-of-date Drivers

6.Download/Install/Update Drivers with One Click

7.Windows  7 / 8 / 10 (32bits, 64bits) supported

8.No Virus, No Malware, No Adware


Snaildriver 2 Lite Download (Version:2.0.0)

100% free, clean, downloading and installing drivers automatically

5.16MB, Windows OS: Windows7/8/10(32,64-bit)
Why do we recommend to use a driver updater like Snaildriver?

You know, it is not so easy to find and install Windows drivers for your computer devices one by one manually, not to mention you could have no idea what models on earth the devices are and what version exactly you should install to the device. A better way of finding and installing drivers is that using a tool like Snaildriver is going to get all job done.

***Snaildriver 2 Lite is a completely free application designed for downloading and updating Windows drivers by our guys for Windows platform, in one word, it’s a free Windows driver updater. More than 500,000 device's drivers have been gathered to our database, more information about Snail driver 2 Lite,please view this page.

The Interface of Snail Driver 2 Lite

The Interface of Snail Driver 2 Lite
Downloading drivers
Drivers Downloading
scan and option page
The option page
Uploader a log file
Send Report page
Please follow the list to know what difference between Snaildriver 2 Lite and Snaildriver 1.0:
1.The Interface
The new version gets a smaller interface (300(W)*500(H) px) than the old one.
2.Optimized all codes
We are dissatisfied with running efficiency of Snaildriver 1.X, so, we have re-writed all core codes for drivers-scanning and driver matching modules. Approximately more than 30% scanning and 20% matching speed are increased. And we have also optimized the algorithm of driver-matching to make each and every single device get the right driver.
3.Added ‘back up key drivers’ feature
Key drivers: we define all of network drivers as key drivers, Snaildrivers 2 Lite will download all key drivers to your harddisk for a driver backup purpose.
4.Added ‘Key drivers restoring’ feature
It means that you can run Snaildriver 2 Lite to install the backup drivers to reinstate the internet connection after your computer get a new OS or re-install Windows OS without any network drivers.
5.Added ‘Upload log file of driver issues’ feature
Now, users can send a report of any driver issues to us with one click instead of writing an email.
6.More devices supported
More than 500,000 devices supported by Snaildriver 2 Lite database.