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Download is quite a common task that everyone carries out everyday. Most of our normal download tasks are well cared by the download management components in a web browser. However, downloading gets pretty tedious and time-consuming when it comes to large and massive downloads. Then you may get in a sore need of a speed boost and finding an easier way to liberate from that hassle. If you also download a lot, then you’ll definitely need a handy download manager.

Why you need a download manager?
A great download manager brings a slew of benefits for you:

a substantial speed boost on the downloads
functions to pause a download and resume a broken download organize multiple downloads
works with browsers to monitor and take over the download
advanced features such as torrent downloading, schedule downloads, file format conversion and more

Lets go through some of the great and free download managers you can use to speed up and ease the management of your downloads.

1. Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager(FDM) is the one who came first to the party as well as one of the best players on the stage, it is an open-project and is completely free to use, containing pretty much all powerful features you need for quick, reliable downloads.
When performing download tasks, FDM accelerates the procedure noticeably and allows you to pause and resume a download. It also limit speed for different downloads and supports preview of media files.
FDM is more than just a download manager, it also offers support for BitTorrent downloading. You can easily drag and drop URLs or torrent to it’s window to run the download.
FDM also comes with a Lite version available to download, which compromises the features including torrent integration and requires less to the configuration of system.

2. EagleGet
EagleGet comes with a simple and minimalistic user interface, all the tasks can be done with a drag and drop ease, which makes it faster and more responsive than other managers.
EagleGet also has a great integration with all the most popular web browsers and like most of other managers, EagleGet offers support for batch download and gives a noticeable speed boost on the downloads,
After the downloads, EagleGet also performs a malware checking with the help of antivirus tools in your system.
The only thing you may mind about EagleGet is that there are extra apps bundled in it’s installer.

3. Ninja Download Manager
Ninja Download Manager(NDM) is best known for it’s good-looking interface and the really fasting download. This manger is loaded with a slew of handy features that includes pausing and resuming a download, format conversion, speed limits set, scheduled downloads and more, which makes it a Swiss army knife for handling especially massive downloads.
So, if you download music and videos often, then Ninja Download Manager is a best fit for you as it’s neat features can meet you needs very well.
Note that you’ll need to scroll down to the very bottom to see the Download button for the free version.

4. Internet Download Accelerator
Internet Download Accelerator(IDA) aims to help you in three major aspect when downloading:
speed, resuming broken downloads, and management of downloads.
It works well with all popular web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Opera and offers support for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, which makes downloading a piece of cake for everyone.
IDA is equipped with a monitor that detects URLs in the clipboard for quickly running a download.
Apart from being a good accelerator, IDA is also accompanied by a wealth of advanced features, such as previewer for RAR files, built in player to play the media files after downloads, download scheduling and more.
You may be annoyed at the ads when using the free version, but there is also a premium version available that offers technical support and all ads were removed.

5. JDownloader
JDownloader is a free, open-source download manager that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
JDownloader is loaded with all standard features of a download manager, such as, download speed boost, resuming a broken download from where it left off, organizing multiple downloads, capturing URLs from clipboard, controlling bandwidth allocation for all downloads and more.
Despite the rich features, JDownloader also provides you with the ability of controlling the download tasks based on a website from anywhere.
The only downside of this robust download manager is that there are adware bundled with it’s installer.

6. Xtreme Download Manager
Xtreme Download Manager is well recognized for it’s free and fast downloads. It is also an open-sourced project available for Windows, Mac and Linux and receives regular updates from it’s community developer.
It includes a powerful set of features to fit all your needs on managing various types of downloads, such as noticeable download acceleration, support for multiple downloads, resuming broken downloads, refreshing expired links, downloads previewing, downloads scheduling and more.
It also comes with a quite simple interface for you to get started with ease. While it has a relatively heavier setup package.

7. GetGo Download Manager
GetGo Download Manager provides integration with Firefox and Chrome, to detect and download web videos in a faster manner.
Batch downloads is another reason why people love GetGo, links can be pasted directly to the window or be stuffed into a whole file of list. GetGo also offering support for scheduled downloads.
During downloads, it provides an extreme download acceleration and allows to pause and resume a broken download.

8. Download Accelerator Plus
Download Accelerator Plus(DAP) provides an impressive acceleration when performing a download. It also checks links before downloading to make sure they are valid and provides you with the ability of downloading media files from popular streaming sites and previewing the videos during the downloads.
In addition to rich features, DAP also comes with a user-friendly interface and is also available for 48 languages. Which makes it extremely easy for you to get started.
When you take a look at the major feature in DAP, you can easily find that DAP is quite similar to Ninja Download Manager, both of them are the perfect fit for these media fans.

Hopefully this could be of help for you to choose a desired download manager and use it in your own project. In the meanwhile, we would love to know your experience with download managers in the comments below.