Top Free Web Camera Software

Most of us think the front camera on laptop or PCs is just for video chatting, in fact, it can do wonders if it is combined with a right webcam software. There are plenty of free and paid webcam out there to help you with it, but choosing the appropriate one to meet your needs is a tricky thing to do. In this post, we are listing five best free webcam software which is worth to install.

ManyCam is one of the best free webcam software. It allows you to share your screen during live videos, adjust video’s resolution and color, quickly switch among video, audio and image sources, broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously. With Youtube integration, you can stream and broadcast video from Youtube. It also support 4K video from multiple video source and picture in picture video effect. The latest version comes with some interesting features including adding 3D masks and effects and replacing background with an image for video stream. Also, you can use the game capture module to create a game video source and stream to any platform you want. Additionally, as a surveillance camera, you can keep an eye on your home and parking with ManyCam.

Best Web Camera Tool-ManyCam

2.Debut video capture
Debut video capture is a more than a webcam software, it’s a combination of webcam software and a screen recorder. It has a lot of options for customizing the video output form of your webcam. Debut allows you to capture the entire screen, a single window or any selection region, adjust the video resolution, size, and fame rate for capture, record videos with many format such as avi, mp4, wmv, and more. Also, it supports to record audio or video alone as well as video and audio simultaneously, which is most useful when you are recording gameplay or tutorial videos for Youtube. Debut video capture comes with a feature of using video overlay to record your screen and webcam simultaneously, which is the perfect for Youtube videos where you can show both your screen and facial reactions simultaneously.
If you use Debut video capture for non-commercial use, it is available for free of charge.

Best Free Web Camera Tools-Debut Video Capture

3.WebCam Toy
If you think that it is a hassle to download and install a third party software on computer, Webcam Toy is your best choice. Webcam Toy can access on any computer in any browser. It allows you to capture any images and videos while adding some effects. Webcam Toy is extremely easy to use. Go to Webcam Toy homepage, and click Ready? Smile! Button to start your funny photo tour by adding over 80 fun effects and filters, share them to your social media platform. It is completely free application and doesn’t need an installation.

Best Free Web Camera Tools - Webcam Toy

4.IP Camera Viewer
IP Camera viewer is one of the best webcam software for surveillance and monitor. IP Camera Viewer doesn’t like any abovementioned webcam software, the main purpose of IP Camera Viewer is to monitor and safeguard your property and protect from any risk. IP camera allows you to keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you need security.
Currently, IP Camera Viewer is compatible with more than 2000 different IP camera models from leading camera manufacture including Axis, Canon, D-Link, Foscam, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and many more.
IP Camera Viewer has a neat, simple and easy to use interface. It supports to add up to four cameras at once and allows users to view their video feed simultaneously. Additionally, IP Camera Viewer provides a digital zoom, even if it is not supported by your camera.
It is 100% safe and absolutely free of charge for both personal and business use.

Best Free Web Camera Software - IP camera Viewer

5.Windows Camera
Windows 10 has its own built-in camera app. Although it is not the most feature-rich application, if all you want is something to take some photos or capture some video clips without effects, Windows camera gets the job done well.
Windows camera has an extremely neat, simple and foolproof interface. It allows you to take a picture and capture videos. Also it supports to set the timer for taking pictures, manually adjust the brightness of your captures, and change camera app setting.
Windows camera is a free and build in application, you don’t need an extra installation.


Well, these are our hand-picked best webcam software you can install right now. Do you know any other free and truly useful webcam software which is worth recommending? Please let us know in the comment below.