top zip/unzip compress/uncompress tools

A zip software is primarily designed to compress and decompress files, it compresses all the files into a file package(archive) to reducing size without losing data, this way you can share the file through internet in a faster and easier manner. Windows has such a build-in zip tool that can only create compressed files in a zip format.

However, as the internet continues to evolve, more and more formats appears, people also consider more factors when archiving files, they need extra features like file encryption, backup and repair. So, clearly they will need a professional zip software to help out. The best zip softwares in the block are Winzip and WinRAR, they provides powerful features and support all archive formats, naturally, they are pricey as well. That’s also why I am going to list out a set of free zip software that provide you with features you need for quick and reliable file archiving.

1. 7-Zip
Zip is a free, open-source zip software that offers support for most of archive formats, including RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, LZA, ARJ and ISO, it also comes with comes with it’s own fromat-7z, which offering a better compression ratio, for example, a 100MB folder can be compressed to 80MB in .zip and 70MB in .7z.
7-Zip has a light installation package and is fairly easy to install. All the tasks are easily carried out in it’s intuitive interface.
7-Zip also covers the basic features of backup important data, secure data and save disk.
Although lacks support for archive repairing, 7-Zip is still your best choice if you are simply on the lookout for a tool to working with various of formats.

2. PeaZip
PeaZip is a fully-featured open-source zip software that focuses more on security of archives with a powerful set of features such as strong encryption, encrypted password, encryption with password and keyfile, secure delete and more. Plus, PeaZip’s installer do not include any adware and malware.
PeaZip works with pretty much all the frequently-used file formats, plus it’s own format, PEA. It also support repair of damaged archives.
Note that PeaZip can extract RAR archive but can not create a archive in RAR.
If you are concerning more about security when sharing files, then PeaZip is ideal for you.

3. Hamster Zip Archiver
Haster Zip Archiver(HZA) provides integration with cloud service, you can upload the archives to the cloud with few clicks ease, create direct link to your archives and manage the archives.

The simple and smart design makes it easy for everyone to quickly get stated. For example, when creating a compressed file, you will only need to choose the format for the archive, then HZA take care of the rest.
HZA offers support for all the most popular formats, including zip, rar, 7z and more. It also provides a high compression ratio as well as an impressive speed.

4. Zipware
Zipware is a free zip software that provide you with ability of compressing archives in a light and simple manner.
The best thing about Zipware is that it comes with a set of icons at the top of the window, so to perform tasks you just need to simply click corresponding icons.
Like most of other zip software, Zipware works with all major archiving formats, including some Linux formats like gzip.
Zipware has the same drawback as 7-Zip, both of them do not offer support for broken archive repairing.

5. Ashampoo Zip Free
Ashampoo Zip Free provides a tight integration with Windows Explorer and comes with a smart interface which makes it a piece of cake to compress and decompress files in all common formats, most of tasks can be performed via a simple click.
Ashampoo is loaded with all regular features for files archiving, including archive conversion and repair, auto preview of files and more. All the features is easy access from it’s intuitive interface.
In a word, Ashampoo Zip is light, secure and neat zip software that can fit need of most of people.

Hopefully this could be of help for you to find a desired zip software for your project. In the meanwhile, we would love to know your experience with zip software in the comments below.