Top Free Screenshot Tools

It is a quite easy task to take screenshots on Windows. Windows has a built-in tool of screen capture. Press PrtSc on your keyboard and auto-save a full-screen image in PNG format immediately in Picture folder. If this way of screenshot can’t meet your requirement, you can launch another Windows screenshot tool called Snipping tool built in the majority of Windows operating systems. It allows you to take a full screen, a single window, and a custom area of your screen without extra installation. If you want more advanced features, you have more free and paid excellent screenshot tools out there. In this article, we focus on the best free screenshot tools.

1.Webpage screenshot capture
Webpage screenshot capture is an online screen capture tools. It is a best choice for capturing a website. You just need to paste the URL of web page you want to capture and click the camera icon. The website screenshot is displayed in a few seconds. You can preview the screenshot before download, it is downloaded with two format: JPGE and PNG. The best feature of webpage screenshot capture is to capture the whole page, which is definitely great. Also, it has toolkit for complete the basic screenshot tasks, such as annotate, highlight and crop image.
It is simple, fast online screenshot tool and worth giving a shot.

Greenshot is a simple, effective, and light-weight screenshot capture tool for Windows. Using Greenshot, you can capture the screenshot for a full screen, the current window, a selected region, and even a whole web page by scrolling. It also can achieve a simple editing purpose with numerous convenient and a built-in integration for annotations, highlighting the important part or obfuscating the sensitive information. After taking the screenshot, it is exported in various way including save it to a folder on computer, send it to printer, copy it to clipboard, upload it directly to photo site for sharing, and more. You can easily access and configure Greenshot because it sits in your system tray.

Lightshot is one of the popular and awesome tool for creating screenshot for Windows and Mac. It allows you to capture any area you selected on your desktop with 2 button-clicks, such as a full screen or any selection area. Once you create the screenshot, you can edit it instantly with its online powerful editors for adding annotations, highlights, and notes, which exists at the edge of the selection panel. Additionally, Lightshot can create a short link for sharing if you upload your screenshot to its server, or you can save the screenshots on your computer. Lightshot is simple, fast, and reliable, so it’s definitely recommended.

PicPick is a fully featured and powerful screen capture and image editor tool available free for personal use. PicPick can create screenshots of a full screen, an active window, and any selected region on desktop. With the built-in image editor, you can annotate and highlight your image. Screenshot can be saved at your computer, uploaded to the third party cloud storage including Google Drive and Dropbox, and shared at social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

5.Screenshot Captor
Screenshot Captor is a great feature-rich screen capture software with a built-in editing tool. It has a variety screenshot options including an entire screen, an active window, a selected region, a fixed size region, even an image from scanner and webcam. With the built-in advanced image editing toolkit, you can blur the sensitive information like usernames and password, highlight the important areas, and much more. The screenshot can be save as PNG image on computer, save to clipboard, output to printer, send via email, and more exported ways.
It is no doubt that Scrreenshot Captor is a really useful screenshot and image editing tools. But the one thing I have to say is that if the interface is nice looking and modern, it will be more popular than ever.

These listed applications are simple, fast, light-weight and fully featured free options for creating screenshot and image editing tools available for online or desktop out there. There is sure to be one or some of them to fits your needs.