Top Free Email Clients

In a nutshell, an email client is a desktop based software that lives on your personal computer. It is used to send, receive and organize emails via a desktop device. Using a great mail client gives you a substantial boost on your business, thus I am listing out the top 10 free email client.

Why you need an Email client?
There are plenty of benefits you can derive from an email client, for example, a more sophisticated interface, the improvement of loading speed, management of multiple email accounts, a more security way of connection as well as the ability of extending more features… While, the main benefits of an email client is the ability to store and manage messages locally on you PC, you can get access to them even offline, This is extremely helpful in the situation where you’re managing massive messages from multiple accounts.
That being said, let’s check the list of top free email clients.

1. Microsoft Outlook
Outlook is a pioneer in the email client market that has been in the business for decades, now it has evolved to be a leading brand that owns a large and solid user base of businesses and enterprises.
Outlook shines because of the tight integration with other Microsoft services which includes shared calendars and contacts, it also provides support for Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

2. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features.
It allows you to personalized email address that you dreamed of, moreover, along with the great features available there such as attachment reminder, one-click new contact addition and real-time conversation.
Thunderbird also protects your email by indicating a possible phishing site in a message and other robust features.

3. Mailbird Lite
Mailbird Lite is the free edition of Mailbird, it works with any IMAP and POP3-enabled services from an intuitive interface. There are tons of free color themes available for you to customize the layout of the client.
However, the major downside of Mailbird Lite is that it allows only one email account to be managed. To manage unlimited email account from one client, and manage emails and contacts from all your accounts from an unified inbox, you have to update to a pro plan.

4. Claw Mail
Claw Mail is fully-featured email client with a well-designed interface. It allows you to connect to any of the available mail services and add all your email accounts in one place.
As Claws Mail is an open source project, so it is highly expandable using outside plugins and tools.
Claws mail is available for Linux and Windows and lacks support for Mac.

5. Opera Mail
Opera mail is a free, lightweight and customizable mail client that is backed by Opera Software.
The client provides you elegant tabs to view and manage messages from a central inbox with ease. You can also customize the labels for a quickly sorting of messages.A built-in feed reader will automatically send you notification if any updates is available on the sites you set.
It is important for you to know that though Opera Mail is still available to download, the team behind it announced that as Opera mail is at the end of life stage of its product life cycle, they will not provide any technical support nor security updates to it.You will use it at your own risk.

6. Foxmail
Foxmail is a free email client that is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. It allows you to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously from a clean and uncluttered interface. People love Foxmail also because of its high performance, it keeps fast, responsive and reliable even when dealing with millions of messages.
The major downsides of Foxmail is that it lacks support for IMAP-enabled services.

7. Mailspring
Mailspring works with unlimited email accounts and a unified inbox. It is highly customizable with pre-built themes, layouts, and emojis. The client support Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
The client also provides pro plan which will unlock the advanced features such as scheduled emails, email, link tracking and more.

8. Sylpheed
Sylpheed is a neat and lightweight email client with a wealth of powerful features. It features a simple and customizable interface that provides quick access to all your email account as well as all email messages.
Sylpheed has great features of fast launch and overall performance, advanced email search and filters, effective junk mail control, encryption.

9. eM Client
eM client is time-tested brand in the world of email client, it has been around near a decade and is widely trusted and used. eM Client supports the easy setup of all major email services and import of your data from all major email clients.
The best thing about eM client is the integration with calendars, contacts and chats, which makes it a all-in-one solution for dealing with office tasks and communications.
The free plan allows up to 2 email account, you can manage unlimited account after a subscription.

10. Pegasus Mail
Pegasus mail is a full-featured email client that provide you a full set of tools for managing your mailbox.
It comes with well-designed and uncluttered interfaces for you to view and organize emails in separate panes. It also allows you to filter messages using different rules and provide support for spell checking.
Pegasus mail also focus on the security of your server, it provides SSL support and is equipped with a encryption tool to make your mailbox risk-free.

Pegasus is designed for Windows and is not available for Mac and Linux.

Hopefully, this has been a good introduction that helped you to find a desired email client for your project. You could be using an email client that was not mentioned in the list, let us know it by posting a comment below.