Download all the latest drivers for the devices of Dell Alienware series (13 R3)(15 R3)(17 R4) Laptop for Windows 10 (64-bit).
This is a long list, and it could be difficult to find the driver you need, please just follow the icons, which have been located at the first column in the front of each and every category, to find the drivers you need to download. The order of all drivers has been arranged by “A-Z”.

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***** The official site has released the following drivers for the devices, and only parts of drivers support the latest Windows OS.You can download our software called Snaildriver to match compatible drivers (Windows 7/8/10 32-bit or 64-bit) for the devices if you don’t find the driver(s) for your current Windows OS or you want to build a new OS for your computer with other versions of Windows.

Inte HD Graphics 630 for Alienware 13 R3(15 R3)(17 R4) Graphics-for Windows 10 (64 bits)-305MB.exeDownload 
Intel HD Graphics 530 for Alienware 13 R3(15 R3)(17 R4) Graphics-for Windows 10 (64 bits)-212MB.exeDownload 
nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050(1050Ti)(1060)(1070)(1080) for Alienware 13 R3(15 R3)(17 R4) Graphics-for Windows 10 (64 bits)-94MB.exeDownload 
    Input Device
    Notebook LCD


    All makes of Dell Alienware Series:
    Alienware 13
    Alienware 13 R2
    Alienware 13 R3
    Alienware 14
    Alienware 15
    Alienware 15 R2
    Alienware 15 R3
    Alienware 17
    Alienware 17 R2
    Alienware 17 R3
    Alienware 17 R4
    Alienware 18
    Alienware M11x
    Alienware M11 x R2
    Alienware M11x R3
    Alienware M14x
    Alienware M 14x R2
    Alienware M 15x
    Alienware M17x
    Alienware M17x R2
    Alienware M17x R3
    Alienware M17x R4
    Alienware M18x
    Alienware M18x R2