What is INF way for installing Windows driver?

In simple terms, you can’t find any application like install.exe or setup.exe in the folder of the driver you downloaded. The driver need to be installed with Windows API.

What is a INF file of Windows device driver?

INF file, An abbreviation of Device INFormation File, a file format provided by Microsoft for hardware manufacturers who pruduct their device driver for Windows, describes all of parameters of the driver that supports devices.

The following picture is a screenshot of representative INF file.

Inf file of Windows driver

As an inexpert man, there is no need to know what means these codes imply, just the only thing is that applying a right way to install drivers without an .exe application.

The procedure of installing driver with inf way (An example for Win7)

1.Open device manager of Windows

Open your ‘Start’ of Windows, click “computer” button with your right-button of mouse, you will get a interface like the following screenshot. Open Manage page

click “Manage” tab, a frame called “computer management” pops out before your face

Open device manager from Start

Or open the control panel->Hardware and Sound, please view the screenshot below:Open device manager from control panel
2. All you need to do is click the tab called “Device Manager” included in “System tools”

Open "update driver"

Now, you get a list of your computer device, click right-button to the device you want to install or update.

3.Click the button of “Browser my computer for driver software

update driver

then click the browser button to find the location of the driver you need to install, click “Next” button, Windows will complete the installation by itself.

browser driver

So easy,huh?

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