1.What are the key drivers?
The key drivers we define are all the drivers for network devices, they are downloaded just once.
2.Why do we develop this feature?

Many users sent us emails with a same question: whether you guys could develop a driver backup function like the others or not?

The answer is absolutely ‘Yes’, but the real difficult thing is to design a process of driver backup and restoring which works perfectly very well (driver restoring gets a 100% success rate ), we have been researching and consulting the ways the others adopt for a long time (the driver backup has a  100% success rate, but the restoring could fail) , we are so unsatisfactory and we have to re-design a brand-new process, and now we made it.

3.What can it do for you?
Downloading all drivers (including:version for Window 7/8/10 (32 bits, 64 bits)) for the network devices and place the drivers to the folder called ‘_Back up key drivers (Never delete this folder)‘ which is under the ‘_Snaildriverbackup’ where you set to store the downloaded drivers, it looks like this : d:\_Snaildriversbackup\_Back up key drivers (Never delete this folder), please view the picture below:
Snaildriversbackup folder
And meanwhile, Snaildriver 2 lite also will download another Snaildriver copy to the folder (_Back up key drivers (Never delete this folder)) for you just in case after downloading drivers, please get a glimpse of the picture below:

back up key drivers folder
4.How does it work?

The process of downloading key drivers is completely automatic. All you have to do is

  • a)click the scan button after the installing is done
  • b)you will get a list that shows you all drivers your computer need to download or backup. You can sort out these drivers with the tags (Backup or Update) in the column called ‘Need to’. Our software will list the drivers for all versions of Windows (7/8/8.1/10 (32bits,64bits)), unchecked action is allowed,  it means you can only back up the driver(s) for the certain version you want.We strongly recommend you download all versions of the drivers just in case.
  • c)press the button ‘update’, Snaildriver 2 Lite will download all drivers checked in the list automatically to the folder (d:\_Snaildriversbackup\_Back up key drivers (Never delete this folder)).

Note:You can cancel this function in option page, just view the following picture.
5.How to use the key drivers?
Please read the post: Install the key drivers automatically