There is no doubt, Snail driver needs your help, that is absolutely exact. As a matter of fact, Snail driver is only a tool helping you install drivers into your computer which have been released by many manufacturers, in a word, it’s a driver database tool. If your computer came across a problem after installing a driver with Snail driver, please run the feature to send a report to us which will make Snail driver’s database better.

How do I use it?

Sending a report of driver errors is extremely easy. Its interface looks like the following picture:

Snaildriver uploader

The steps to send a report:

  1. click the button (click here to get help for driver problems) on the footer of Snaildriver 2 Lite, it will open a new dialog box docking to the left side of the main interface of Snail Driver 2 Lite
  2. tick the checkbox which you find a problem on the device in the list.
  3. write us a description of the problem that will help us locate the issue better and quicker
  4. fill in your email address if you want to get a replying about the problem.
  5. The UID is an unique key which will identify the report which computer sent us. The UID and your email can let us know which report belongs to your computer. In other words, the report is completely incognito if you leave the email box empty.
  6. click the button ‘Send Report’
  7. Done (close the dialog box)